Tuesday Morning Links

Two schools you’ve never heard of... Southern (AK) annihilates little known Champion Baptist College, 116-12

The Cowboys are stuck in an endless cycle of mediocrity (FTW)



ESPN won the bidding war to acquire Tim Tebow. Savior to us all. I was really hoping that he would end up as the next Bachelor but hey… this will do. Do we get a Tebow cam of him training how to use a microphone? Pressers on how he puts on blush and lipstick? Segments on Good Morning America on how he is adjusting to life wearing make up. The synergy is endless.

LeBron James has better stats at 29 than Kobe and Michael Jordan.  

Metrodome Demolition Starts Early; Fans Manage to Steal Backs of Stadium’s Seats (Swagger)

Brisbane Bandits and Sydney Blue Sox get into a massive brawl…It’s baseball and not cricket so that’s a plus. (ht Busted Coverage)

Meet the guy they based the “Wolf of Wall Street” movie on. He looks like a husband that never speaks on one of those Housewives shows on Bravo. (NY MAG)

Drunk people keep falling off this escalator on the DC Metro. (BroBible)

It emerged this weekend that the duck whistle entrepreneur and reality television show star Phil Robertson had, in 2009, before he was famous, given a talk to a group of evangelical sportsmen in which he advised them to marry very young women: “You gotta marry these girls when they’re fifteen or sixteen,” he said. “They’ll pick your ducks.Read more on Vulture

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