What You Missed This Weekend

9 reasons Redskins-Giants was the worst NFL game of 2013 – More on this later.

The NFL Playoffs are set.


For the third year in a row the Cowboys lose the final game of the
season which would have won them the division. They did not have Tony
Romo at quarterback… Neckbeard Kyle Orton was behind center and
played almost as well as Romo plays in these last games… throwing an interception in the final minutes to give the Eagles a victory.

Now, Kyle Romo is trending on Twitter world wide.


  • This game was weird, fun and dramatic. The Packers beat the Bears and will head into the playoffs.The Packers scored on a play that everyone thought was dead. Deadspin has the video and it’s pretty good ya know… if you didn’t see it on all the replay shows or you were stuck at a drag show your bestie just needed to take you too.


  • Speaking of being excited… A Same-Sex Couple Is Getting Married On A Float During The Tournament Of Roses Parade (h/t: Buzzfeed Sports)
  • The New York Knicks are a mess. I’m over them like I’m over Ru Pauls
  • Drag race… all 15 minutes that I’ve watched of the show ever.

Now for some of the POP News….

GMA’s Robin Roberts came out this weekend on Facebook.

“I am grateful for my entire family, my long time girlfriend, Amber,
and friends as we prepare to celebrate a glorious new year together.”

Denzel Washington may be playing the Green Lantern in Superman vs
Batman… seriously!? (PITNB)

Are you a work-a-holic that goes on a date after a long day of work?
Some tips on how to refresh yourself before leaving the office and
looking sharp. (3 Tips for Transitioning from your Office Job to Date

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