So… Aaron Rogers outed by possible Ex-Boyfriend

So the internet went all crazy today about a report on The Fame Driven saying that Aaron Rodgers former roommate is outing him because they were lovers. 

Queerty and Perez Hilton both jumped on the report and basically republished what TFD had already written. To summarize what every gossip blog had written check this out. 

This past summer right before NFL training camps a group of NFL stars were planning to come out all at once during a news conference and allegedly the NFL shut that press conference down. Rodgers was going to be one of those players who came out. Since he did not come out that put a strain on his relationship with Kevin and they broke up. 

There are a bunch of alleged theories as to what is happening here. Again, these are all theories and I have no idea if any of them are fact.

  1. Kevin Lanfilisi met Rodgers at the practice facility and started an alleged office romance similar to the one Shep Smith has/had with a production staffer.
  2. Rodgers got along with Kevin very well after they met and decided to be roommates in Green Bay Wisconsin. There’s not much else in that town besides the Packers so having someone to come home to and forget about football for a few hours would be welcome. 
  3. They were totally boyfriends. Rodgers kept Kevin close as an “assistant” which would help as a cover story for them spending so much time together. 

Again.. all of these are just theories and I have no idea if any of them are right.

What I do think is that Aaron Rodgers should be able to come out of the closet any way he wishes to do and at any time he would like to. An Ex-Lover will get 15 seconds of fame but that’s about it. I personally don’t like a guy being outed.

If he does eventually come out of the closet then bravo Aaron. 

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