Friday Morning Links

Keenan Allen hurdle TD against Denver-a

  • The World and Social Media freaked the fuck out because Beyonce released a brand new album and nobody had ANY IDEA that she was going to do so.

The songs all have videos that come along with the album. Haven’t listened to it yet but I’m sure it’s fantastic.

  • Mariners officially introduce Robinson Cano, who says he “didn’t feel respect” from Yankees
  • In other news… The NYDN calls Robinson Cano a deadbeat dad.
    A judge in Dominican Republic ordered an increase in child support for his son.According to the news Cano’s baby-mamma called the Cano an “absentee dad who is often late with his child-support payments.”

  • Instagram is introducing Instagram Direct… messaging service within the app.

MASHABLE: Instagram Direct is designed around the idea that sometimes, you don’t want to share a photo with the world; instead, you want to share it with a specific person or a small group.

Who wants to take bets now on who the first athlete will be to post a picture of their dong and then claimed to be hacked?


  • We here at JockPop.com love guys with beards. We also happen to like Scruff founder Johnny Scruff talking about beards.
  • Variety talks about who got fucked over snubbed in this years Golden Glob nominations. Yes, Academy Award nominee Jonah Hill is listed.
  • Is this The Dark Knights golf cart?

  • SNL creator: show to add black female cast member in 2014… Holds a casting call in NYC. 
  • TMZ: ‘SNL’ Hopeful Comedian – Secret Audition for Black Women Was a Publicity Stunt

Oh this looks like it’s going to be a fun and recurring story…

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