Young Gay Men Discuss Dating Online

NewNowNext has a pretty cool web docu-series up about the gay dating apps that are out there and what young people think of them. There are also some hilarious stories about guys getting solicited on Grindr. 

The second episode, “Dating Online,” sees the guys discussing the morality, etiquette and perils of hooking up via the Internet and social media.  “I’ve never used Grindr,” reveals Landon. “I think I might be the only one in Manhattan.”

Here’s my take on the gay dating apps that are out there:

Over the last few months I’ve met a lot of people who have started relationships from Grindr, but are scared to tell people about it because they think it’s a sleazy hook up app. I think it helped you make a connection and that’s what matters. Also try explaining to straight people how you can see guys literally feet away from you in a bar looking to hook up. It will blow their mind. Status: Deleted. the new format was weird and almost everyone seemed pretentious and just looking for ass.

Scruff is an app that I actually enjoy because of the “Global” option. You can start conversations with guys all over the world, get Woof’d at, share pictures and oh yeah go on dates. I think I use Scruff more for chat than actually looking for a boyfriend or a meaningful one night relationship. Status: Still on my phone. 

Tinder is… mostly for straight people. It’s essentially Hot Or Not but let’s you see what Facebook friends and interests you have in common. It’s fun for like the first week and then you realize that it’s basically OKCupid without the long profiles.  Status: Deleted… but apparently my profile stays up there… weird. 

OKCupid is… I’m just incredibly over OKCupid it’s not even funny. Status: Deleted

Twitter is… Not a place you would think to meet a guy but it’s happened to me twice before. I think that if you have mutual friends on Twitter, with mutual interests something can spark. The last guy I went on dates with from Twitter (Hi… I know you’re reading) was a lot of fun. It was unexpected and when I told people we met on Twitter it blew their minds. It also made them confused because they had no idea how Twitter worked. Status: Still Active and tweeting.

Check out the docu-series episode below. Looking forward to the future episodes.

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