Former Marine Jeff Fangman had just moved to California from the Gulf coast and thought he’d do some fishing back in October. He cast his line out into the Pacific and what comes back… a fucking Great White Shark.

“The line just started rolling off the reel,” Fangman told 10News.

Fangman is an experienced shark fisherman, and in the gulf, he has pulled most everything out of the water.

“Bull sharks, tiger sharks, sandbar sharks, lemon sharks,” he said.

“Lo and behold, it ended up being a great white,” said Fangman.

He reeled in a young female great white shark. It is the first he has ever caught and to his knowledge, the first ever reeled in from the beach in the United States.

“Seeing it in the water was just … it was almost mind blowing,” said Fangman. “It’s taken several weeks to get the whole ordeal to sink in.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. This guy is an experienced shark fisherman!? I can only imagine if it was legal to take the heads of the sharks and mount them on the wall of your mancave. He also has a great story to tell when he meets up with his Marine buddies.

"Oh you know… went fishing the other day and caught a Great White Shark. Threw it back… no big deal… how are the Chargers doing?

Video Courtesy of 10News.com

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