Friday Morning Links

I’m staying away from Nelson Mandela this morning. I know he was a very influential human that did a lot of great things but you’ve read about as much as you can about him right now… ok, ok, ok… I’ll give you some Mandela news.

  • Select tweets from famous people on the passing of Madiba.
  • A fake tweet from Paris Hilton had a bunch of people upset that she quoted Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech… but no worries… Buzzfeed to the rescue.

  • A Detroit TV station confused Nelson Mandela with ARod (Deadspin)
  • Bruce Lee Jumpsuit Fetches $100,000 at HK Auction. That green bamboo whip I really wanted for Christmas went for over $12,000. Keep looking Secret Santa shoppers.
  • The day after Jameis Winston isn’t charged with rape… TMZ Sports reports that  “TEAMMATE GROUP SEX Runs Rampant In College”

There are some great quotes from the story.

Jameis Winston’s teammate Chris Casher… told police he and the FSU quarterback would often share chicks sexually … and TMZ Sports has learned, that kind of teammate relationship is shockingly common at college’s across the country.

Just a few weeks ago, we also reported on two college basketball players from Oakland University that allegedly double-teamed a woman at a hotel in L.A. while the team was on the road to play UCLA. 

One source, who played football at a Big 10 school, tells us, “Running trains happens all the time, sharing girls one after the other.”

We also spoke to an athlete who played in the MAC … who says, “Team threesomes were a good bonding experience. I had a few, but it happened all the time with teammates.”

The future of Sports Journalism… “running trains”. I wonder if Skip Bayless will talk about the with S.A.S. on First Take this morning…

  • The Ron Burgundy PR-Palooza made a stop on The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Ron Burgundy.
  • The Sound of Music on NBC looks like a little bit of a disaster but for a live musical on television they did an alright job according to E! .
  • The 21 Best Kiss Cam moments from 2013. (Buzzfeed)


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