Thursday Morning Links

  • Oops! RGIII came out as gay this summer, according to British news site.


Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post helpfully shows how Sky News got a wee bit confused:

For the record, this is what he said in that GQ interview.
“I think there are [gay players] right now [in the NFL], and if they’re looking for a window to just come out, I mean, now is the window. My view on it is, yes, I am a Christian, but to each his own. You do what you want to do. If some Christians want to look at being gay as a sin, then thinking about other women, committing adultery-or any of those other sins that are in the Bible-those are sins, too. And God looks at all of us the same way.

Bang it on over to OutSports for the rest of the story.

  • Captain Picard and the cast of The Next Generation sing "Let it Snow”
  • Gal Gadot Cast as Wonder Woman in “Man of Steel” Sequel (HT: TooFab)

They used a vintage quilt found at an antique fair as inspiration, going so far as to hire a Vermont quilt maker to deconstruct the quilt in order to replicate it on the jacket. In keeping with the aesthetic, the pants are made of a “highly technical corduroy” that was weatherproofed with a laminate.

  • The Detroit Pistons Dancing Usher and Young Fan went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and things got epic.
  • A great read about how the sausage is made on ESPN’s College Game Day. (HT The Big Lead)


  • Bill Belichick Took Some Time Out Of His Day To Rip The Jets, Just Because (HT SportsGrid)
  • Henrik Lundqvist signed a contract extension with the NY Rangers to keep The King in NY for many years to come. Oh, did I mention that he was named the 3rd best dressed athlete in the world by GQ?

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